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Music & Body Zone

By The Family Zone

Our Mission

We are here to help mums-to-be and couples prepare their bodies and calm their minds for a successful pregnancy, smooth delivery and quick recovery.

About Ishka

Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist

Understanding the importance of keeping physically fit and the positive impact it has on a person's mental wellbeing is a massive driving point for Ishka. Her background in various sports and exercise techniques has fuelled her passion for the way the human body moves, especially a woman’s!


She takes a holistic approach when coaching and not only aims to provide you with a great workout but also to leave you with a better understanding of how and why your body moves the way it does and what works best for your body and its needs.


Ishka wants to break down boundaries of the past, especially around pre & postnatal training, that are holding back women from reaching their true fitness potential. 


Her experience with breath work allows her to educate her  clients on how important breath is during training and how it can be used to optimise and get the most out of each session, whilst focusing on achieving the best mind body connection.

About Claudia

Music Therapist

Claudia Jones is a British New Zealander with a background in vocal performing and flute. She is a music therapist and mother of two young children. Claudia has a passion for empowering women to feel confident during pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding.


During her journey as a new mum both in the UK and Hong Kong, Claudia realised the power of music for support, confidence and mood regulation. Her lived experience of pregnancy and parenthood has shaped the way she uses music in everyday life. Claudia now harnesses her energetic love for sound and music to empower others to process emotions and relationships. Claudia offers music therapy services both face-to-face and online. Private individual sessions, small groups and workshops are available.

Yoga Studio

Antenatal Active

A low-intensity workout for mums-to-be with Ishka.

  • 45 Minute workouts.

  • HKD250 per session.

  • HKD920 package of four sessions (HKD230 per session).

  • Private workouts available (minimum of three participants at HKD920 per person for four sessions).

  • Gala Yoga, Wan Chai.

Prepare your body for an optimal pregnancy and delivery by attending Ishka's antenatal Strength & Stretch workout. This is a low-intensity, mobility-focused session to help kickstart your postpartum rehab journey. With breathwork connection work incorporated, you will be strengthened both mentally and physically for birth.

Expectant mothers of all stages of pregnancy and all levels of fitness and fitness experience welcome!

What we offer

Music Therapy

Client-led music sessions for maternal bonding and mental health with Claudia.

  • 60 min sessions.

  • HKD750 per session private one-on-one.

  • HKD850 per couple.

  • HKD2,700 for a package of four private sessions.

  • Group sessions available for 3-6 participants (with mutual goals / concerns) at HKD500 per person or HKD580 per couple.

  • NICU families: 250 per person or 350 per couple. Packages of 4 available. Group therapy sessions that offer the opportunity to maximise your precious moments in NICU with your baby through coping skills and mutual support.

This evidence-based service is offered by our Music Therapist, Claudia Jones. Claudia will guide you through a session including a combination of music creating, improvisation and music listening experiences with a focus on your preferred music. This practical is specifically effective for maternal bonding, perinatal mental health and wellbeing.

Happy Family

Music for Motherhood

A calming workshop promoting maternal relaxation and family connection for postnatal families.

  • 1.5 hour workshop.

  • HKD450 per person.

  • Overview of best clinical practice music methods 

  • Experience music assisted relaxation 

  • Learn to recognise triggers 

  • Practice preventative coping skills

  • Creative group music activities for cognition and social connection

Music for motherhood is designed to promote maternal relaxation, anxiety relieving coping skills and cognitive stimulation for mums. Evidence-based music therapy practices are applied through a person-led environment with a focus on humanism. This workshop is safe space for mums to feel comfortable to express themselves through creative music making and relaxation. 

Through introducing healthy music use into maternal confidence, you can gain positive lasting resilience and connection. This workshop also embraces the power of social connection and mutual support. Group music making activities promote cognition particularly during the postnatal period. 
Discover mindful techniques and coping skills to alleviate stress for a variety of situations and environments. 

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