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We regularly add new workshops. Get in touch for further enquiries.

Breastfeeding 101

Recommended from third trimester onwards, this 90 minute workshop will help you to prepare for and feel more confident about your breastfeeding journey.

During the session we will be covering areas such as:

  • How to start the process when you baby is born.

  • What different positions to adopt.

  • How to recognise a good latch.

  • Common concerns and worries.

  • Getting started with pumping.

This workshop is ideally suited to those that have already done our Fast-track Antenatal course. 

Breast Milk Pump

Get Pumped online workshop

A virtual workshop on pumping & returning to work

  • 60min workshop + Q&A

  • HKD460 per person.

  • Recommended if:

    • ​You are a first-time mum returning to work

    • You're breastfeeding full time but would like to learn how to pump

    • You would like to know how to schedule your pumps

Returning to work and clueless about pumping We're here to help!

This workshop will guide you through the dos and don'ts of pumping and how to transition from breastfeeding and/or pumping at home to pumping at work.

During the session we will be covering areas such as:

- When to start pumping

- When should I pump during the day and how long to to pump - Hands-on pumping

- Types of pumps and how to get the flange fit right

- Cleaning pump parts

- What you need in your pump bag

Hold My Beer Baby!

A supportive gathering for dads-to-be and dads-that-are to help build confidence in their parenting journey.

  • 2 hour session.

  • HKD390.

  • Price includes all drinks and nibbles.

  • Hosted at The Globe, Central.

"Hold My Beer Baby was a really well run, thoughtful, engaging, fun and useful session. I am now reading ‘What you wish your parents had read’; it is a great recommendation."

Our new and informal workshop offers dads-to-be and new dads a relaxed, practical, positive and BS-free space in which they can listen to dads-that-are and feel confident to ask no-off-limits questions to.


Our mission is to empower dads to feel confident and to help them understand what their role is and what kind of a father they want to be. Each session will feature a 'guest dad' who will be open to any questions participants might have. 

The session is loosely structured and is broken down into sections focussing on different aspects of being a dad, reflecting on your own experiences and be a shining a light to guide and support your journey into fatherhood.

Young Dad
Sleeping Baby

Infant Sleep Solutions
(0-6 years)

Learn all about our children's sleep needs and what to expect as they grow. Help your little one to thrive by supporting good quality sleep!

During this 1hr webinar we will discuss the importance of sleep for our little ones aged from newborn - 6 years old. We will also give you tips to ensure they are meeting their sleep needs.

Our children need good quality sleep in order to grow, learn and thrive! Additionally, we as parents need our evenings and good sleep ourselves to be on the best form for our children.

There is a lot of contradicting advice on the internet. We will bust the myths and talk about what to expect for our littles sleep as they grow older.


Join Gemma Fisk, Infant and Adult Sleep Specialist, to learn more and ask any questions you have around the topic of sleep.

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