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Antenatal & Hypnobirthing




Fast-Track Antenatal

A compact six-hour course for busy people.

  • Three, six-hour classes held on Wednesdays 7-9pm.

  • HKD1,950 per couple.

  • Held at Joint Dynamics, Central.

A fast-track group course comprising of three, two-hour classes offers you the opportunity to ask questions you might have about the ante and post-natal days as well as covering the following:

  • When to go to hospital

  • Normal delivery

  • Pain management options

  • Assisted delivery, induction, Caesarean section

  • Practical advice on caring for your newborn

  • Prevention of SIDS

  • Post-natal depression


Tailored to your specific needs.

  • 5x 2 hour sessions over 5 weeks.

  • A unique, private course held in your home.

  • Participants receive the Hypnobirthing International book, audio download and digital workbook.

  • HKD7,500 per couple for private 1-1.

  • HKD5,500 per couple for a two-couple class.

  • HKD3,500 per couple for a group class (minimum three couples)

The Hypnobirthing International course is a 5-week program designed to prepare you for the arrival of your baby. Combining evidence-based information with breathing and relaxation techniques, the program ensures that both mothers and their birth partners feel confident and empowered during pregnancy and birth. Guided by a midwife with experience working in the Hong Kong maternity system, you will learn practical skills to ensure a positive birth experience. Hypnobirthing techniques can be used in all types of birth. No matter which journey you are on, my goal is that you feel calm, in control, and supported. 


The course can be taken from 20 weeks of pregnancy, either as part of a private group or as one-to-one sessions. More information about the course on the Hypnobirthing International website: 


If you would like to know more, we can arrange a phone call to see how we can best support you!

Pregnant Woman
Parents and Child

Private Antenatal

Tailored to your specific needs.

  • Taught in the comfort of your home (alternative venues can be arranged if necessary) or online.

  • Suitable to be combined with our popular Baby Basics course.

  • HKD1,300 per hour per couple (minimum of two hours)

  • Contact us to book.

Our Private Antenatal course reflects the same structure as the group-class version, however it gives parents-to-be the opportunity to tailor it towards their specific needs and enables a more flexible package to be developed based upon your time availability. Having a private class also gives you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you may have.

Ideal for first-time parents, or as a refresh for those expecting their second or third child.

It can also be combined with elements of Baby Basics.

Baby & Toddler Basics

A private class teaching you the basics of childcare.

  • Taught in the comfort of your home (alternative venues can be arranged if necessary) or online.

  • Contact us to book.

  • HKD1,300 per hour (minimum two hours).

These are private classes focused on helping new parents learn basic baby care techniques for the first several months after birth, and for those with older babies, how to care for a toddler. We arrange them at times that are mutually convenient in your home. The classes may cover whatever you like.


Most commonly covered topics for the newborn period are bathing, swaddling, sleep, settling the baby, feeding, sterilising and SIDS. For those with toddlers, setting a routine, sleep and feeding, tantrums and normal behaviour and development can be covered in the session.


This is practical training which will provide demonstration and hands on practice of baby care. It will be especially beneficial for first time parents. This service is also suitable for adopters. The minimum time for these classes is 2 hours. Baby Basics can also be combined, as needed with Private Antenatal Classes.

Mother Smiling With Newborn Baby
Mother Daughter Portrait

Antenatal consultations

Our antenatal consults are an opportunity for mum-to-be to sit down with us and seek advice or assistance with:

  • Breastfeeding, especially if challenges were encountered previously.

  • Antenatal hand expression.

  • How to create a birth plan.

  • Understanding aspects of their antenatal care with their OBGYN.

  • Common concerns and worries about the antenatal or postnatal period.

  • Managing one's mental health, as the perinatal period can be a vulnerable time for many mums.

  • Home visits are HKD1,500 for a one hour initial consult, (HKD1,300 thereafter for any follow up) with a locally-based consultant. 

  • For those based on outlying islands or districts, please get in touch for surcharge rates.

  • Virtual antenatal consults are also available: HKD600 for 30min, HKD1000 for one hour.

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