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Baby Learning to Walk

Baby & Toddler Basics

Mother Smiling With Newborn Baby
Baby & Toddler Basics

A private class teaching you the basics of childcare.

  • Taught in the comfort of your home (alternative venues can be arranged if necessary) or online.

  • Contact us to book.

  • HKD2,600 for a two hour class. 

  • HKD1,300 per additional hour depending on needs.

  • Can be combined with a private Antenatal class, please contact us for details.

These are private classes focused on helping new parents learn basic baby care techniques for the first several months after birth, and for those with older babies, how to care for a toddler. We arrange them at times that are mutually convenient in your home. The classes may cover whatever you like.


Most commonly covered topics for the newborn period are bathing, swaddling, sleep, settling the baby, feeding, sterilising and SIDS. For those with toddlers, setting a routine, sleep and feeding, tantrums and normal behaviour and development can be covered in the session.


This is practical training which will provide demonstration and hands on practice of baby care. It will be especially beneficial for first time parents. This service is also suitable for adopters. The minimum time for these classes is 2 hours. Baby Basics can also be combined, as needed with Private Antenatal Classes.

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