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Confinement Cooking Class

Nourishing the postpartum body

With Aunty Pat

Confinement Cooking Class

A private session at your home for helpers

  • Taught by experienced Confinement Nanny, Patricia Chan, "Aunty Pat".

  • Participants will learn how to cook common dishes for nourishing and aiding the recovery of the postpartum body.

  • HKD2000 for a 2hr session. 

  • Travel surcharges for outlying islands & districts will be applied.

At The Family Zone, we believe that assisting new mothers with their nourishment should not be a luxury but an essential part of being a new parent.


Invest in your Domestic Helper's culinary education with our Confinement Period Cooking Class. Guided by an experienced Confinement Nanny, they will learn to prepare traditional dishes specifically designed to nourish and aid a new mother's postnatal recovery. This class enhances their skills in creating nutrient-rich meals, fostering a supportive environment for postnatal wellbeing.

Eating well and being healthy after childbirth are the most essential parts of confinement. Good food not only nourishes our body but also our minds and soul. In the 21st century, we are blessed with an abundance of food and information about what sort of Chinese herbs and tonics are restorative for the postpartum body. Aunty Pat will teach your helper (and you) about various types of food and soups suitable for your confinement period.

The cooking class includes:

1.    Menu Planning (Daily or weekly)
2.    Food Management
3.    Food Preparation
4.    Usage of same ingredients to make different types of dishes
5.    Rationing (no food wastage)
6.    Menu for Mummy or family (2 dishes, 1 staple, 1 vegetable, 1 Soup and 1 dessert)

Empower your Domestic Helper, and in turn, ensure a smooth and healthy postnatal journey for your family.

Patricia is Malaysian-Chinese and a mum of 2 boys. She holds the following qualifications:

  • ERB Foundation Certificate in Postnatal Care Training (152-hour)

  • Award in Postpartum Belly Binding (TQUK)

  • Advanced Certificate in Life Coaching (HKUSPACE)

Patricia is fluent in:

  • English

  • Mandarin

  • Cantonese

  • Bahasa Indonesian

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