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Training for

Domestic Helpers

And Home Safety & Helper Assessment

Feeding the Toddler

Child Care, Paediatric First Aid & CPR for Domestic Helpers

A rigorous and comprehensive 12-hour course.

  • Two, six-hour classes on consecutive Saturdays.

  • HKD2,200 including training materials and certificate of completion.

  • Detailed feedback provided to the employer on the helper's performance on the course's tests.

  • Held at Joint Dynamics, Central.

This comprehensive and interactive course is set over two, six-hour sessions. The first session focusses on child-care including areas such as:

  • Successful employer / employee communication.

  • Choking hazards.

  • Hazard identification and risk control measures.

  • The principles of home safety.

  • SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

  • Feeding and weaning.

  • Educational play and stimulation.

The second session covers our popular Paediatric First Aid & CPR course, the details of which can be read below.

Domestic Helper and Home Safety Assessment

A home-based evaluation of your home safety and Domestic Helper.

  • Conducted sensitively in your home.

  • Includes an individualised report including suggestions as to how to optimise your home safety dependent on the age of your children.

Home safety:

A review of your home will be performed specific to the age(s) of your children and a detailed report produced with recommendations on how to rectify any child-safety risks identified. The report will also identify hazards which will emerge as your children grow and develop from newborns, crawling, learning to walk, to walking.


Helper assessment:

These on-the-job assessments are undertaken in the home working with the helper. Her performance will be monitored in a non-threatening approach. During the session, suggestions will be made on areas for improvement. Verbal feedback and recommendations for further training (if required) will be provided to the employer.

Eating Breakfast
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