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Antenatal consultations

Antenatal consultations

Our antenatal consults are an opportunity for mum-to-be to sit down with us and seek advice or assistance with:

  • Breastfeeding, especially if challenges were encountered previously.

  • Antenatal hand expression.

  • How to create a birth plan.

  • Understanding aspects of their antenatal care with their OBGYN.

  • Common concerns and worries about the antenatal or postnatal period.

  • Managing one's mental health, as the perinatal period can be a vulnerable time for many mums.

  • Home visits are HKD1,300 for a one hour consult with a locally-based consultant. 

  • For those based on outlying islands or districts, please get in touch for surcharge rates.

  • Virtual antenatal consults are also available: HKD600 for 30min, HKD1000 for one hour.

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