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Music Therapy

With Claudia Jones

All about Music Therapy

Client-led home visit music sessions with Claudia. All instruments and equipment is provided and there is no previous musical knowledge required. 

Claudia has worked with families and individuals for relationship building, anxiety relief, confidence building, relaxation, communication and social skills.  

  • 60 min sessions.

  • HKD900 per session private one-on-one.

  • HKD3,000 for a package of four private sessions (valid for 3 months).

  • Group sessions available for 3-6 participants

Baby & Toddler group music classes 

  • Private accompanied home visit music classes for a minimum of 4 babies. 

  • 45 min classes in your home

  • HKD250 per baby/adult

  • HKD800 for package of 4 classes (valid for 2 months)

Music has the incredible power to soothe, uplift, and connect us on a profound level. Antenatally, music therapy can create a serene environment for both the mother and the growing baby, reducing stress and anxiety while enhancing bonding. The rhythmic melodies and harmonies can calm the mind, promote relaxation, and even stimulate brain development in the womb.


Postnatally, music therapy continues to work wonders, providing a source of comfort and joy for both mother and child. It can assist in postpartum recovery, alleviate symptoms of postnatal depression, and promote overall maternal well-being. Moreover, music therapy fosters family bonding, involving dads and older children in the shared experience of music, which has been clinically shown to enhance emotional connection, reduce stress, and improve communication within the family unit. Through the language of music, we invite you to explore the benefits of music therapy to nurture your family's well-being and create lasting memories of love and togetherness.


This evidence-based service is offered by our Music Therapist, Claudia Jones. Claudia will guide you through a session including a combination of music creating, improvisation and music listening experiences with a focus on your preferred music. This practical is specifically effective for maternal bonding, perinatal mental health and wellbeing.


Music therapy is an excellent therapeutic tool and can be used for a variety of different needs and settings. Claudia also provides music therapy sessions for families and children with developmental delays, additional needs and learning disabilities.

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